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Inclusion/Aspergers – The Victorist



    There are some people who believe that placing students with Asperger’s in a classroom of Inclusion most of these people don’t even know the many different symptoms/struggles of Asperger’s, I do because I am one of the many students with Asperger’s, it is more psychological than anything else, the psychological problems are as listed: A.D.H.D, O.D.D, DEPRESSION, BIPOLAR DISORDER, G.A.D, and O.C.D, these problems alone make it difficult for people with Asperger’s to function properly in society or in bigger groups therefore I say Inclusion should not be placed on students with Asperger’s. It’s onset is usually later on in life but in some cases this is not true.

Inclusion in my opinion is a bad idea for these many reasons being in a bigger classroom would be overwhelming for a student with Asperger’s and might end up failing the class because he/she would be focusing on 50 different things instead of what the lesson is for the day. It would also stress the student out or cause he/she to give up and stop doing the work for that class. Having Asperger’s and being in a bigger classroom could also trigger many psychological problems that go along with having Asperger’s like A.D.H.D, O.D.D, DEPRESSION, BIPOLAR DISORDER, G.A.D, and O.C.D, which would be one of the many reasons the student gives up and stops functioning in that class, or getting annoyed which could trigger his/her bipolar disorder and end up getting into a fight with one of the many students in that bigger classroom and end up getting suspended. so I do not believe students with Asperger’s should be in an Inclusion classroom, because its is both dangerous because of the Bipolar Disorder and careless because of all the other problems that come with Asperger’s. Having Asperger’s is stressful, aggravating and in some cases degrading, If you’re a parent or teacher with a child with Asperger’s or you have Asperger’s I suggest you buy these books and read them to yourself and to

your child “Autism and Asperger’s syndrome by Uta Frith”, “Asperger’s Syndrome: A guide for Educators and parents by Brenda Smith Myles”, “Life and Love: positive strategies for Autistic Adults by Zosia Zakes”. There are other sources that can help you better understand Asperger’s Syndrome one of these sources is Asperger’s.com it has information such as the epidemiology, the biology, and the diagnostic criteria, etc.The website also has resources such as the U.S clinicians and schooling children with Asperger’s it also has books which were listed earlier, all that is on the website is beneficial to understanding Asperger’s Disorder like for instance “ In a total population study of children between ages 7-16 in Goteborg, Sweden, minimum prevalence of Asperger’s Disorder was 36/10,000 (55/10,000 of all boys, and 15/10,000 of all girls), and the male/female ratio was 4:1. The prevalence of autism had traditionally been estimated around 4-5/10,000. A study from United Kingdom found the prevalence of autism at 17/10,000, and the prevalence of all Autistic Spectrum Disorders (including autism) at 63/10,000.” that was from the Epidemiology section of the website and I bet people who have never heard of Asperger’s.com knew that, among other things like the Biology of asperger’s Syndrome and I will share a part of that information with you now “Despite the now widely accepted fact that biological factors are of crucial importance in the etiology of autism, so far the brain imaging studies have shown no consistent pattern, no consistent evidence of any type of lesion, and no single location of any lesion in subjects with autistic symptoms. This inconsistency in the results of various brain imaging studies has been attributed to the fact that people with autism represent a highly heterogeneous group in terms of underlying pathology. Therefore there is an ongoing effort to specify more homogeneous subgroups among autistic individuals to enhance the accuracy of etiologic inquiry. This approach has been supported with the inclusion of the diagnosis ‘Asperger’s Disorder’ in the Fourth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) of the American Psychiatric Association”. hopefully with the information from Asperger’s.com that I have shared with you, you will understand why inclusion classrooms for students with Asperger’s syndrome or any other form of Autism is not just a terrible idea it is also a very careless one. As I have said in the beginning Inclusion should not be forced or even enforced on to any students with Asperger’s or anything else within the Autism spectrum it should not even be considered or agreed with because unless you know what it’s like to have a disorder or anything considered a disorder do not suggest or consider Inclusion classrooms before putting yourself in the shoes of a person with a disorder, to think that people with no disorders or psychological problems at all would even try to force the concept of Inclusion upon the people who do is insulting, infuriating, annoying, and extremely disrespectful for too many reasons to mention.

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