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Swiss Bank Compliance and Shadow Banking During World War II – The Victorist
secret societies

Swiss Bank Compliance and Shadow Banking During World War II

The Race For Looted Gold

Throughout World War II, Swiss banking and financial institutions played a significant role in aiding Nazi Germany  with the war effort. Banks held and transported jewelry, rare art, and gold on behalf of their German counterparts.  The Swiss National Bank and other financial organizations were responsible for acting as a custodial bank for its  clients, no matter their political affiliations or criminal background. In understanding the progression of the war, the operational role of Swiss banks is intrinsically linked to the narrative of how the Nazis were able to finance their wartime machine. This research sheds light on the role of Swiss banks in extending the confict, as well as addresses international efforts to repatriate looted gold to their home countries. The Race For Looted Gold PDF:


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